We achieve this by providing superior customer service, outfitted vehicles, equipment, and using the right people to get the job done.


We achieve this by providing superior customer service, outfitted vehicles, equipment, and using the right people to get the job done.

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RML Group was born 17 years ago in Australia with the aim of becoming a mobile equipment maintenance company recognized for its ability to solve technical problems and solutions in maintenance contracts.

Today it occupies a position within the best mine equipment service companies in this country.


“We work hard to be the company of choice for Mining and Civil Contracting Services. We achieve this by providing superior customer service, outfitted vehicles, equipment, and using the right people to get the job done. We will provide training and development for our staff to provide the best service to our customers. Our aim is to add value to all our stakeholders and be the preferred supplier and employer in our field.”

Ricardo Munoz - Managing Director

RML Group Mining Services is led by our managing director, Ricardo Munoz. As a leader in today’s business world, Ricardo is an innovative and strategic leader. Ricardo prides himself on introducing programs like the Indigenous Employment Programme (IEP) and adult apprenticeship schemes to name a few. Ricardo’s and RML Group Mining Services success has been built on relationships that stems from superior service and his day to day involvement in the business.


We have over 100 Diesel Fitters, Driller Fitters, Under Ground Fitters, Crusher Fitters, HV Electricians, Auto Electricians, Boilermakers, Welders, Servicemen, Operators and Admin Staff working Australia wide.

We have the infrastructure, equipment and tools necessary to meet absolutely all the needs of its clients both in the field and in the Workshops in Australia.

In addition to its installed capacity, we have a databse of fully qualified candidates, who are duly certified against any requirement of our clients, who have been previously selected by our HR department, so we ensure that they comply with the necessary profiles to carry out specialized services on site.


RML Group Mining Services service various mines throughout Australia offering employees a number of roster schedules and positions. All of our employees have up-to-date medicals, inductions and drug and alcohol screens.

We also specialise in running workshops and operating fully maintained departments, that includes supplying supervisors, tradespeople, managers, vehicles and portable mobile workshops to our clients.

Our aim is to provide customers with a solution to meet all their on-site requirements by providing a range of services including heavy diesel fitters, boilermakers and auto electricians. We offer our clients the option to select tradespeople or tradespeople with a fully mine spec vehicle/service truck on a labour hire basis. We carry out shut downs, long and short term contracts, FIFO and DIDO as well as remote area location work.

RML Group Mining Services vehicles are fully equipped with the tools and equipment required to carry out a range of on-site repairs, services and maintenance. We also have the capacity to provide service trucks with cranes and welding equipment on board. Our tradespeople are all highly experienced in diagnosing faults, servicing and conducting preventative maintenance. All our vehicles meet the BMA specifications.

Our tradespeople are trained in both ET and SIS and carry on board laptops for accurate diagnostics to allow fast order of the correct parts. We complete the job from start to finish, by organising all of the parts and supplies to ensure the repairs are carried out in the shortest time.

Our fleet is diverse and we equip the vehicles to meet your specific needs. We employ a full-time fleet coordinator who not only manages and coordinates the transfer of vehicles to sites throughout Australia, but also manages the repairs and maintenance on the vehicles.

RML Group Mining Services has two strategically located workshops. One facility is located in Labrador on the Gold Coast, and the second in Mackay centrally located in Queensland.

Both facilities offer over 2000m2 of available workspace, suitable for maintenance of large vehicles and repairs.

RML Group Mining Services currently has two (2) fully self-contained mobile workshops. The design of these workshops can be altered to suit individual site requirements. Both workshops are outfitted to meet the current standard mine requirements.

Two (2) 40ft containers are positioned in parallel with an igloo dome shelter mounted to the container providing a covered workshop area of 12m x 10m x 6m high.

RML Container 1

  • Work benches with vice
  • Pedestal grinder
  • Rotary drill
  • 100 tonne press
  • Wash station
  • Lockable shelving for storage of power and hand tools

RML Container 2

  • Divided in two, one half lockable
  • Caged storage area
  • Office and lunch room
  • Air-conditioning

Both containers are complete with shelving and racking for the storage of spare parts.

RML Travel Solutions provides strategic travel management that delivers the unique requirements of the Mining and Resource Industries.

RML Travel Solutions is a member of RML Group Mining Services and we have extensive experience in providing FIFO travel solutions to our clients and RML Maintenance. We understand the logistics of working within mine sites and FIFO arrangements. RML Travel Solutions is recognised for our service excellence, innovation and dedication to both corporate and leisure clients.

What We Do:

  • Compare air fares taking the hassle off you
  • Quality customer service and assurance
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff that care about your business
  • Booking FIFO travel for unique rosters
  • Take the time to understand your corporate travel needs
  • Meeting your corporate travel policies and procedures
  • Detailed monthly reporting
  • Manage your travel budget
  • Offering; cruises, insurance, holiday, flight, transfer, entertainment, accommodation, worldwide travel
  • Up to date technology with Sabre and mobile applications
  • Members of AFTA
  • Buying power with affiliation to the Jetset Travelworld network


To be the first choice provider of quality travel solutions and to be the travel agency of choice for both mining and resource sector and corporate travel.


We aim to build long term relationships and present RML Travel Solutions as a one stop shop specifically meeting Industry trends.
We are committed to reduce our carbon foot print by recycling and using recyclable material.


RML Group Mining Services Health and safety management is an integral part of our business and is the foremost consideration in the planning and performance of all work activities.

Our HSE Policy is based on the belief that the well-being of the work environment, people employed at work, and people affected by our work is the major priority.

We employ an accident-free workplace approach and in our efforts to achieve this, we believe:

  • No business objective will take priority over health and safety
  • No task is so important or urgent that it cannot be done safely
  • Building a culture of continuous improvement, openness and ownership
  • Without diminishing management’s obligations, the responsibility and accountability for health and safety rests with every individual
  • Consider contractor health and safety as important as that of our employees
  • HSE performance is consistent with improving the long term sustainability of the business


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